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WordPress Plug-ins to Help You Optimize Your Blog for SEO Success

Posted By Amber On July 20, 2009 @ 1:52 pm In Basic SEO Tips | No Comments

Managing your SEO on a blog can be very time consuming. With all of the posts, pages, categories, etc, it’s difficult to keep track of everything.  Below are four very cool SEO plug-ins for WordPress we use at SEOBoy frequently.  Of course there are many more SEO plug-ins for WordPress, but these are the four must-haves.

1. All in One SEO

The All in One SEO pack [1] is a great way to start optimizing your blogs. If you’re running short on time, the All in One Pace generates meta descriptions and page titles [2] automatically so you can simply download the plug-in and let it do a good majority of the work for you.

Other features of the All in One SEO pack is the ability to implement canonical URLs, fine tune page navigational links, and avoid duplicate content.  It’s very compatible with WP e-Commerce sites as well as backward compatibility with other plug-ins like Auto Meta, Ultimate Tag Warrior and more.  With this plug-in if you decide you want to optimize your page titles and meta descriptions manually, you can!  Simply click a post you want to add page titles and meta data for and click edit.  At the very bottom you will see the All in One SEO pack and fields to add in the title and description, as well as keywords. This will override the automatic title and description pulled if the post was already live.

all in one [3]

2. Broken Link Checker

The broken link checker [4] is well, pretty self explanatory. The plug-in will monitor your blog and find any broken links within your posts, blog roll, etc.. The plug-in will notify you of any broken links within the dashboard section of WordPress.  Google Webmaster Tools will do this for you as well, but only when the site has been crawled.  Other features include detecting missing images and redirected links.   Each link can then be edited or unlinked via the plug-in page, without editing each post individually. Having broken links on your blog makes several people unhappy. The search engines don’t like to crawl pages that have broken links. Broken links provide a bad user experience to the end customer if they click on a link that is broken. And any sponsors will be angry if you’re linking to their website but the link doesn’t’ work.

3. Google XML sitemaps

The Google XML sitemaps plug-in [5] automatically uploads a new sitemap to your blog anytime you create or even edit a post. The XML sitemap is updated to all major search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo and Ask.com.  Sitemaps are very important when it comes to SEO.  XML sitemaps let the crawlers know when a new page has been added to your site, and acts like a guide map to help the search engines crawl the most important pages of your site first.

4. Redirection

The redirection plug-in [6] helps fix those duplicate content errors and allow you to simply redirect one URL to another due for various reasons. It’s really simple to create a 301 redirect via this plug-in too!  In WordPress under the tools section (left hand side at the bottom) there will be a redirection link once you have installed the plug-in.   Redirection is important in the world of SEO because people tend to keep old links around; whether they’ve bookmarked them or included them in an article. So if that link ever changes, gets updated or is removed, you must have a 301 redirect in place to prevent having a 404 error and pissing your customers off!  The more 404 errors you have on your site, the more it’s going to hurt your SEO in the long run.

redirections main [7]

Click on that, and you’ll see fields where you can add in the source URL, (old URL or URL that needs to be redirected) Match and Action, and the Target URL, or new URL.

redirection change [8]

These are just four of the very cool SEO plug-ins for WordPress. These are the four that we here at SEOboy use frequently and have found value in them.  If there are others out there that you use frequently, please let us know!

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