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Why I Think Blogging Is the Best Form of Link Building

May 11th, 2009 | | Blogging for SEO

Of all the potential methods for building links, I feel that blogging is the most powerful link building strategy today.  Let’s face it, link building is hard work. But like most tasks that are difficult, the rewards are great.  For those of you who do not know, link building is an SEO tactic that involves finding relevant web pages and through a number of methods – getting them to link back to your website.  Not only do you have to try and get a link from numerous websites, blogs, directories paid and free, social media sites, etc., but you have to carefully assess a number of factors for each site including PageRank, number of inbound links and relevance to your niche industry and field.  If the links you generate are not relevant, the search engines may discount those links instead of adding a boost in terms of your SEO PageRank.

Yes blogging takes time, and yes blogging can be difficult: A blog requires that you come up with interesting topics, find your writing style, comment on other blogs, seek out new information, learn how to paraphrase without plagiarizing, and actually learn how to write with correct grammar.   All of that can put some business people at peak stress levels just thinking about a blog!

Before you can call your blog a true link building tool, you need to be aware of some blogging basics and how growing your traffic/readership plays a role in the link building process.  Having a company blog is super important when it comes to driving traffic to your website and helping increase your organic rankings.  I have experienced a client’s blog that got ranked #2 in Google the day the blog article went live when we only had a few pages of the main site that were actually ranked in Google.

Blogs are great for SEO because they’re updated frequently, and search engines love updated, fresh, new content.   If you are planning to start a blog in the near future, it’s recommended you blog at the very least three times a week, if not once a day. If people see that you updated your blog frequently then they’ll be more willing to keep coming back, and you have a great chance of someone recommending your blog to others if you constantly have interesting or educational things to talk about.  Blogging frequently can also give you more pages that can be crawled and indexed by the search engines which will lead to more website visitors, possibly more subscribers, potentially higher SEO rankings and hopefully more sales in the end.

It’s very important to know that having a blog means it’s your opinion, it’s your knowledge, it’s your passion, and that’s why people love to read blogs. Writing about the same things everyone else writes about or copying from other blogs or internet resources is not what blogging is about and won’t get you where you want to be.

The more people that find your blog, the greater your chances are of them linking to your blog, and if they have a higher PageRank, then that PageRank will pass onto your blog, and your blog’s PageRank will pass on to your company site, giving  your company site a higher PageRank.

Blogging is considered quality content which is most beneficial for link building. If you can get people to link to your quality content,  or get an editorial link meaning a link given without provocation over just asking people for a link on their links page, then you have greater chances of achieving a higher PageRank organically.

Plus, having a blog can generate direct leads!  Another client of mine has received many leads via their blog because they were educating people on a very niche subject and positioned themselves as a thought-leader in their niche.  Potential customers felt more confident hiring that client without referrals because any day they could go to that blog and read what this company knew about that niche.

So, stop delaying, and start writing that blog!  Take 3 hours out of your week to write 3 posts.  Or have a few individuals write for your blog every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (these are typically the highest traffic days for blogs).

If you start a blog, write on your niche with authority, write frequently and develop a unique writing style, and actually keep that going, you’ll find that your blog is your most useful link building tool, at least for now.

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  • http://www.actv-tec.co.il Ilan Hertz

    The best idea for a company blog is to let a different person write a post every couple of days. that means that there is continous flow of content, and the burdon of writing it all doesn’t fall on one person.

  • http://www.hanapinmarketing.com Amber

    @IIan, I couldn’t agree with you more. In fact the more writers you have I think the better since you’ll get so many different types of writing styles and opinions. It makes for a more creative blog.

  • http://www.uidesignguide.com UIDESIGNER

    Excellent points. I too feel that blogs are really the best way to do some SEO work. Of course you need to update the content frequently and make sure your blog has content people want. Also you want to make sure the content in the blog is similar to the other content you may be trying to cross sell.

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