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Who is responsible for the SEO in your company?

October 5th, 2010 | | Uncategorized

We have a new world to explore. There are so many ways to reach out to customers/clients it can be mind boggling on how to keep track of it all.

Who keeps track of it? Anyone? Who will? Who should?

Well, you have at least 5 options!

Option 1: The IT Guy?

If your company has an IT person/system administrator or IT department, it’s easy to lump the idea of website updates and Internet computery stuff to them. This is completely understandable. However, IT primarily has a role to keep the network running and improving the systems.
Pros: Computer Savvy
Cons: Not up to the latest SEO trends or concepts

Option 2: The Graphic Artist?

The graphic artist can quickly update your CMS, CSS and PHP to get the messages and feel on your site uploaded quickly. However, Graphic Artists have a primary role to communicate a message through the colors and designs. They are about the experience when people arrive, not how to get people there.
Pros: Familiar with your website setup
Cons: Best SEO practices might conflict with their designs

Option 3: The Marketing Department

SEO is essentially marketing. It’s harvesting warm leads from the largest warm lead provider ever! The Internet! It fits in theory, how could it fail? There are pitfalls when your marketing department is traditional. Billboards, TV, Radio, Magazine/Newspaper ads.. if your department is willing to branch out, this is a good place to start.
Pros:Set for acquiring leads
Cons: Not up to the latest SEO trends or concepts

Option 4: Outside Experts?

Looking outside for help is a perfectly viable solution. Bringing in the experts to achieve what to you seems to be the achievable. You are looking for a skill-set that the applicants can’t seem to provide. However, communication needs to be a priority with the agency you hire.
Pros:Knowledge of latest SEO trends and plans to execute
Cons: Assumption of Accountability in place of communicating.

Besides hiring an SEO person full time on your staff which most companies can’t afford, the option to use existing staff or an outside firm seem plausible but who is the liaison? Who will not be “snowed” by techno-babble, look for red flags, know the right questions to ask? These are things to consider. There is no perfect answer, but there are viable solutions. Until more people are trained to become Marketing Technologists, analyzing the skill-sets of those who you are wanting to manage your SEO is a first step to bringing in those who are looking for the services you provide.

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