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Which Search Engine Should You Optimize for?

June 2nd, 2009 | | Nuts & Bolts of Optimization

With the recent launch of Microsoft’s Bing Engine, it can make one really wonder if you should start considering optimizing for these other engines.

Should you?

Well, there’s a few things that you need to remember before you get hyped about a new search engine that is out there.

1. Google has a dominant market share

Any “Google killer” that comes out will have to take a long time to catch up.  It’s hard to dislodge a 70% market share and a colloquialism for “finding info on something online.”

2. Where Google Goes, others Follow

People love Google. If the recent online Google Wave Crave isn’t a clue, people like to watch what they do.  When I typed my “1st place” key phrases in other engines my rank is the same.  When results tend to duplicate across search engines on natural search, it’s hard to make an argument to worry about other engines.

3. Focus on your own Target Demographic

Your analytical software plays a huge key in your stats, learn to read the data.  Pay attention if your demographic used Google, Yahoo, AOL (yes, AOL!) and if they used IE, Firefox or Safari.  You will be able to sift through a lot of hype real fast.  This article states that the female demographic uses Yahoo more than Google.  However, I would believe that those statistics would be a benefit more for paid search and not natural search.

So where does that leave us?

Rather than worry about which search engine can do what, always focus on key SEO principles:

  • Know the terms that people use to search for you
  • Incorporate those terms in content throughout your site
  • Build links from other sites to yours
  • Enhance your Local SEO with reviews
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