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…When Everything Is Liked Pt. II – Google’s Involvement

October 21st, 2010 | | Social Media & SEO

Last week I wrote about the relative non-story that was Facebook integration into Bing results. As I wrote, the results will appear in the bottom of SERPS, given that you’re logged into Facebook to see them.

I called this development a “non-story,” because when everything is liked, nothing is liked and the impact is diminished.

I did leave myself a proviso, stating:

And if Google likes it, they’ll jump into the fray and take Bing’s lunch money.

Looks like the team from Mountain View wants some cash to go to the vending machine after class.

Search Engine Land reported yesterday that Google started beta testing significant Facebook integration in the SERPs. The Gods must be smiling on me because it’s the second event in a roll that I got to see the Beta test relatively quickly.

Check out these results for the topic “Beyonce is pregnant.” (Leave me alone. I needed something that got a lot of traffic)

So, is Beyonce pregnant or not?

Note the section that says

191 recent updates from Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and more for beyonce is pregnant

Yeah, that wasn’t there before.

And, as Search Engine Land pointed out, unlike Bing’s results that only showed results from your friends (assuming you’re logged in,) Google is showing aggregate social results from Twitter, MySpace & Facebook.

More integration and updates appear to be on the way – especially in the Google Social Circle results.

The upside

The upside is that with the integration, Google is able to show trust and relevance in relation to the popularity of their updated results. Searchers will be able to see if the traffic is worth their time. The traffic could also spur additional traffic for searchers who weren’t even aware that their topic was a popular at the time of their search.

The downside

Yeah, see….here’s the thing. Once again, in order for me to find out what was popular, I didn’t go to Google. Instead, I went to Twitter. What? You thought I cared whether or not Beyonce was pregnant? (Has anyone sorted that out yet?)

Yes, I could have gone to Google news but they tried so hard to tailor it to me that I think sometimes Google forgets I want to see what others our thinking. Once they figure that out, they ought to do better with their social search integration. And then in the end, I might go to Google first to see what’s current instead of going to there to see what’s relevant.

Well, as well as for gmail, analytics, docs…

Unless I’m still missing something.

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