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Using Facebook with Local Search to Increase Brand Awareness

Posted By Eric On December 9, 2008 @ 10:01 am In Local SEO | No Comments

My wife is on Facebook.  That’s not a real shocker, but my wife also got my mom on Facebook and also most of her network of friends.  She is communicating and playing games with friends … or I should say against friends and passing along information about what they are up to and what not.  In fact, at a recent Christmas party, she was talking with one of these fellow friends about things they’ve seen – games, application, etc on Facebook.  Unlike Myspace, Facebook seems to have really got a hold of the viral technique that brings my friends and relatives into the picture.  Your results may vary.

Social Networking Online as a New Frontier of Marketing

The interesting thing about facebook is that it is a passive way to communicate.  You don’t need to talk to anyone and people can still see what you are up to and visa-versa.  My experiences on Facebook has left me thinking that reunions are now a thing of the past [1] because now I can keep tabs on what everyone is doing.  Now Facebook can do that for businesses.

A business can create a page for their business and post events and offers and the fans of that business will get an update.  Without even going into the advertising realm, a business has potential to bring their brand to mind repeatedly.

Local Business Finding Their Local Community

There are people online who need your services.  These people will never crack a phone book.  The more times they see a local business pop up somewhere where they are searching, the more likely they’ll recall you if asked “Do you know of a business that does such-n-such?”

This becomes a new avenue for the service industry which includes: landscapers, plumbers, AC repairmen, roofers and any other type of contractor.  Typically, these industries are very light on the marketing side and are even less in the internet marketing world.  However, the ones that do a little at a time to show where they are and what they are up to will get their hands on a new sector of business.

Being Passivley Active on Facebook

If you are bringing your business online in the example of a Facebook page.  Here are some tips that will help generate some online recognition.

1. Invite employees to become fans of your business – You can search Facebook to see who has listed themselves as your employee.  Let them know of the companies page.

2. Get Active in the community – The things you contribute to in your town should be listed as an event on your page.

3. Link to other sites – If you are sponsoring an organization, talk about it and link to the organization’s website and put their contact information on your pages as well.

4. Invite people to review your business – “Search for us on Facebook” is an easy line to incorporate into your current marketing efforts.  It will speak to those who are on there already.

5.  Do something everyday – If you can, post something or comment elsewhere.  Keep your Brand out there and eventually you will see more people visit your page.

There is a lot a business can do locally without the expense of TV or radio ads.  Adding this Facebook toolbox [2] to your warchest will help you see the great opportunities out there.

How it fits with Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing is a relative of SEO, but it is still not pure SEO.  I would miss the mark in giving you this information without telling you how it helps with your SEO efforts.  First off, adding your business to a facebook page will help bring another avenue of your name to the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  Anytime you can bring another site talking about you and point to you, it’s a great blessing in SEOland.

Secondly, the existance of other people and pages linking to you will do no harm.  That’s what you want, more links and more places linking to you and more people seeing your link to potentially click through to you.  As facebook continues to grow, it will adapt to more SEO friendly trends [3], so get in while the getting is good.

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