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Unsexy SEO: Learn How the Chores of SEO Will Make Your Website a Success

Search engine optimization (SEO) is sexy. Period. The SEO industry as a whole has developed a glamorous mystique. The “uninitiated” view the world of search engine optimization as the sexy-new-thing, which breeds an unfortunate by-product: people readily adopt an “if you build it, they will come” attitude toward optimizing their websites. SEO Boy is here to dispel the rumors, thwart those misconceptions, and reveal the beating heart of search engine optimization. It’s not pretty. It’s not easy or glamorous. Dare we say it: SEO is unsexy! Whether it’s a question of finding the necessary budget for your SEO campaign, creating and submitting XML sitemaps or building a link profile the old-fashioned way-this collection of articles will teach you how the unsexy “chores” of SEO will make your website a success.

These unsexy SEO “chores” are sometimes hard; more important, they tend to fly under the industry radar, for the most part. Many of these subjects don’t receive much attention, and they deserve to be discussed, since they are necessary to your SEO success. Some of these articles even come from the sexy branch of SEO (social media, anyone?), but you won’t catch us telling you how easy it is to find success. SEO success is hard-earned and unsexy.

It is important to note that this guide is not intended to be a comprehensive document. Its true purpose is to highlight and call attention to SEO tactics everyone should be using. Going forward, this guide will be added to, revised, and otherwise expanded as SEO Boy continues to discover unsexy SEO topics. So let us know if you’ve got an unsexy SEO task, topic, or trick you’d like to see added to this guide.

Now on to the work at hand. While reading these articles, you will be forced to consider that in order to rank high in Google, Yahoo!, or MSN, you may just have to work a little bit. You’ll come to grips with the fact that your SEO campaign involves a whole host of stuff that you just may not want to do. But if you want to be successful, you’ll bite your tongue, roll up your sleeves, and get to the task of improving your search engine optimization campaign.

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Table of Contents

Desperately Seeking SEO: Where Your SEO Budget Should Come From

Why Marketing, Not IT, Should Make SEO Decisions

Setting SEO Goals Is the Foundation of a Successful Search Marketing Campaign

A Lesson on Why High SEO Rankings Shouldn’t Be Your Final Measure of SEO Success

Number of Competing Pages and Rankability: The “Other” Keyword Research Metric

Straight Talk on Meta Keywords: Get the Facts

Just Grin and Bear It, Your Website Needs a Robots.txt File

XML Sitemaps Don’t Make the World Go ’Round, But They Can Support Your SEO Campaign

The Ultimate SEO Showdown: Link Quality vs. Link Quantity

Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Marketing Integration: How Your SEO Should Inform Your Offline Marketing Decisions