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Too Much On-Site Optimization? Say Whaaat?

Posted By Amber On March 17, 2009 @ 3:23 am In Basic SEO Tips,Link Building | No Comments

Is there such a thing as too much on-site SEO? Apparently Justin from SEO Zombie [1] thinks so. He writes about how SEOs can spend so many hours optimizing their site with little tweaks here and there hoping to see their organic traffic and rankings increase. The truth is, you need links [2] first, says Justin.

Develop your content, add some keywords and meta data, then stop he says. Build up your links, then when you have enough authority – go back and spend more time optimizing your site.

I have mixed feelings about Justin’s post. Not that it’s bad or wrong, but I’m not sure that getting a lot of people to your site that isn’t optimized as best as it could be is the right answer. I agree that one shouldn’t necessarily spend hours just ‘tweaking’ their site here and there over spending time generating quality links. However, I do think that any time you add new content to your site you need to optimize it as much as possible. Meaning you should already have your keywords picked for that content [3], your page titles and meta descriptions [4] need to be well written, image alt tags need to be added, and a new sitemap [5] needs to be uploaded before you begin to send/generate a lot of links to that content.

Justin also mentions that your site needs to have at least 100 links in order to move on to bigger and better optimizing tactics. However, I think that depends on how large or small your site is. I have some clients who literally only have a few pages to their site, while 100 links would be great, getting 100+ quality links is hard to do. The search engines are now smart enough to know the difference between good links and bad links. They favor sites that have fewer quality links [6] over an enormous amount of non-quality links.

Again, in my opinion, I think site optimization needs to come first. Get your site the way you want it. Be sure you’re targeting the right keywords and have everything set up correctly so that when you do begin getting links, it’s all set up and ready, and you can sit back and let the links flow in. By the way Justin, here is a quality link for you and SEO Zombie [1]!

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