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The Origins of an SEO Marketing Superhero!


Welcome to SEO Boy, the one-stop blog for all things search engine optimization!

SEO Boy is a “spin-off blog” from PPC Hero, one of the search marketing industry’s top pay-per-click blogs. SEO Boy is Hanapin Marketing’s take on the SEO world, helping you to combat the many woes (and foes) of SEO marketing.

Our goal: To educate the world on the basic techniques and finer skills of successful SEO marketing! We intend to meet this challenge by providing everything from generalized SEO strategy techniques to specific keyword optimization, link building strategy, and social media optimization tips.

It is our hope that amidst this array of information, SEO marketing rookies and veterans alike will find a useful (and fun!) resource to help them navigate the world of SEO. We’re here to help no matter what your experience level- whether you don’t know why you should care about your search engine ranking or want to know how to create a specific filter in Google Analytics. If you browse our archives and can’t find an answer for your specific SEO problem, just contact the SEO strategy specialists behind SEO Boy, and we’ll try to save the day!