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The Decline of Flash? Could Apple’s iPad shape website design?

February 2nd, 2010 | | Basic SEO Tips

The Internet is increasingly becoming more mobile. The production, distribution and consumption of information is allowing mobile devices to take part. This isn’t terribly new. Companies have been offering mobile versions of websites for the last few years. However, one thing about mobile
devices, at least the famous iPhone, is the lack of flash support.

Is this a problem?

Well, it depends. The reason Apple doesn’t allow flash is so they have total control of development. A policy they’ve had forever. The dearth of flash apps on the net is staggering. Some are good, some are great, and some are just plain stupid. Flooding the app store with millions of flash programs is something that Apple does not want to happen.

So what?

Now comes the unfortunately named iPad. A tablet computer that is suppose to revolutionize home computing by looking like a really big iPhone. Again, no flash support.

When Wearing my IT hat, people would ask me what brand of computer is better. I have been recommending macs now for the past year. Those who are less computer savvy take like a duck to water with them. If iPads became more popular for usage, then a whole side of the population becomes less and less concerned with flash.

More people using non-flash supported devices means that flash-laden websites will be useless to surfers.

Where does that lead?

If more people switched to Apple devices to surf the web, then more and more people would not be able to view flash websites. Now, I have written before about SEO and flash. While there has been some evidence of Google
indexing flash elements, an Apple device would make the situation moot.There wouldn’t be any content displayed – just the little “flash would be here” icon.

What if Apple loses?

Why take the chance? If you had the choice to provide rich content that could be easily indexed and pointed to on a website verses maybe getting your content indexed in an interface that might load which one would you

I may be outspoken in this, but my recipe for SEO indexing success  first starts with a strict “no flash” policy.  I don’t believe “flashy” menus or creative user experiences outweigh the consumption of desired information.
A financial calculator programmed in java versus flash wouldn’t be a match if they both were accurate.

Whichever way the smart phone/netbook/tablet wars goes, remember that good old HTML will be viewable by the real important factor in all of this.  The Indexer.

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