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The Benefits to Article Marketing

November 17th, 2008 | | Basic SEO Tips, Link Building, Reputation Management

If you’re like me, addicted to internet marketing, I find I can never get enough information.  I’m always looking for the next cool trick, something someone else did that worked that I might be able to try too or just a juicy tidbit of info about a new start-up in the industry.  I’m always on the hunt!

Despite the topic I’m searching for, ultimately I’m searching for great content.  Sure I use Google Reader to organize the blogs and websites I regularly visit.  But just because I’ve added you to my Reader doesn’t mean I’ll read what you’re writing.  Your headline needs to speak to my particular “need” or what I’m searching for and then your intro paragraph better grab my attention quickly or BOOM! I’m gone!

All this thought about content got me thinking about article marketing and what a powerful tool it is in so many ways.

With all the blogs, ezines, websites, newsletters, etc., permeating the airwaves, there’s a huge need for great content – and to make it even better – free content!   Publishers are in constant need of quality content at little or no cost.

That’s where article marketing comes in.  It serves two great purposes:  You get instant recognition as an expert in your field when another source picks up your article and reprints it.  Secondly, you get valuable links back to your website, which ultimately help to improve your rankings in search engines.

So what are the the basics of great article marketing?

  1. Write articles that are relevant and filled with great content.
  2. Superbly written,  keyword rich articles make for great fodder among industry experts.  The more you can get people talking about your article, and the more links that are created to your article, the better for you.
  3. Articles help you build your reputation as an expert in your field.  With your credibility established, you will generate more repeat visitors to your articles who thirst for more of your knowledge.
  4. Increase sales. Your articles will reflect your knowledge about your particular product or service.  By reading your articles, your audience will build trust in your reputation and do business with you as a result.
  5. Links back to your site.  Writing articles and publishing them in article directories builds links back to your site and, coupled with other SEO techniques, boosts your standing in search results.

Ready to post a few articles online and reap the rewards?  Here are a some of the free directories where you can post articles:  ezinearticles.com, goarticles.com or articledashboard.com

Article marketing is an excellent SEO tool because you incorporate two important SEO tactics in every article:  Keywords and link building.  Both help you increase your website’s ranking in search engines.  Don’t forget to include a “resource box” at the end of each of your articles.  The resource box should contain the author’s biography and a link to your website as well.

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