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Teamwork: The Marketing, IT and Finance Struggle for SEO Control

Posted By Amy On October 9, 2008 @ 8:50 am In SEO Management | 1 Comment

You’ve wisely decided that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is right for your company’s website. You’ve seen what it has done for colleagues and competitors and you don’t want to miss out on the benefits any longer. But who do you charge with the task? How do you assign the rights and delegate the duties of your SEO project?

I’ve seen it happen on more than one occasion. Embarking on a new SEO project can be a difficult undertaking in that there is a certain amount of uncertainty as to just who is the appropriate person to lead or guide an SEO campaign. Whether you are starting out on your own and working on some basic SEO in-house, or you’ve decided to partner with a professional SEO specialist, the internal struggle to find the right people to structure and implement a well-thought out and successful SEO project can create unnecessary tension and put your results at risk. One person or department handles IT issues while another person or group handles the company’s marketing and advertising.  Whoever is in charge of finance will also want to claim a role in this—after all, the project needs a budget. So, who’s the right man for the job? The answer is…all of them.   

What’s so unique about SEO, and what makes it a successful online strategy for so many companies, is that SEO incorporates elements of your marketing, IT and finance goals. As a result, the brains behind all of these operations need to be involved in the planning, implementation and maintenance of an innovative SEO campaign.  But, it’s not just a chaotic mix of voices, opinions and priorities to sort through throughout the process.  Each of these departments has its role in the success of your SEO. 


It is a common misconception that SEO overlooks branding and existing marketing strategy in favor of high traffic keywords, generating leads and boosting sales. The truth is that SEO must work with existing branding and marketing strategies to be truly successful.  Both ends—SEO and marketing—must be willing to bend in order to get the best possible result. 

For example, SEO must respect a company’s branding by using site copy and keywords consistent with the company’s existing brand strategy. However, working on an SEO project may reveal the need to revise a current branding strategy. Is your company using the language of their consumers? Are you ignoring or prohibiting the use of key terms that could significantly improve your SEO success? When marketing works together with SEO there may be changes, but the end result should improve your SEO and your overall integrated marketing. 


Your IT provider doesn’t hate you, nor do they hate the idea of SEO. In fact, these are the people who understand the benefits of a good SEO project best of all. They also understand the website work that goes into it, and their job is to keep your site functioning properly, the code clean, and the aesthetic of your site consistent. Any work that could compromise these things is the concern of your IT expert—and they want to make sure these adjustments are done right.

Whether you have an internal IT team or outsource to a vendor, much of the work you do to optimize your site will require the help of your IT experts. IT is critical to SEO success and communication here is key. IT must be consulted throughout the project to insure that changes to improve search rank and visibility are properly implemented.

IT is constantly considering your website functionality and usability and will keep an SEO project on point with these vital elements.  

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The finance and accounting departments of the world have gotten bad reputations when they really deserve praise for their practicality. The finance managers and CFOs of the world are not out to cut spending wherever they can, they are looking to cut waste wherever possible. If you can show a clear and valuable ROI, you’ll likely see your budget grow—not shrink.

Your finance department prides itself on setting budgets based on results, thinking practically, and constantly monitoring the costs and revenue of the business. This is perfect for determining your SEO investment. These are the numbers people and what can be better for numbers people than the concrete, clear analytics that SEO provides. The cost of your SEO will be easily balanced against your ROI, traced to leads and, ultimately, sales. These results can be monitored and concrete growth can be seen in black and white. Your financial wiz will be able to translate the value of SEO to your company into dollars and cents and adjust your budget accordingly.

 Good SEO is a Team Effort

This integrated approach, one that takes and combines the efforts and creativity of your whole team, is what makes SEO such a successful online marketing strategy. With clearly defined roles, detailed objectives and delegated tasks, your team can work together to achieve results exponentially better than a disjointed internal power struggle could yield.  I hope this removes some of the uncertainty that comes with embarking on a new SEO project and shows you just how simple, and successful, a little teamwork can be.

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