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ShoeMoney SEO Marketing Tools Worth Buying

Posted By Amber On April 27, 2009 @ 3:24 pm In Advanced SEO Tips | No Comments

We recently started using the Shoemoney SEO marketing tools [1].  A lot of SEO companies have these tools that help SEO advertisers learn more about their competitors, PageRank, keyword density and so on. But after trying Shoemoney’s SEO tools, I find that his is very cool and incredibly useful.

And by the way, no, ShoeMoney is NOT paying me to write this post. I am writing it purely because I like the tools.  So in this post I’ll go over a few of the tools I really enjoy using and have found very helpful.

To begin, in the main SEO dashboard, there is a domain marketplace list, where they have found unregistered domains that have a valuable amount of links pointing to them.  For each domain they list (they don’t list the full domain) they have the number of inlinks, and the price which range anywhere from $10 up to $31 currently.

I guess the point is to buy one of these domains because they are valuable domains and some can rank very well for certain niches.  The thought is to buy one of these domains [2], create the webpage for a particular niche (preferably what it was before) but make the site better and rank high in the search engines for that domain.

The first tool in the SEO menu, is the Backlink analyzer. The backlink analyzer performs detailed analysis on the keywords and domains linking to a specific URL.  So when you enter the URL you’re optimizing, the backlink analyzer will show you how many anchor text links you have, how many you don’t have and the exact anchor text used.  It then shows you the domain backlink report; so what sites are linking to yours and the percentage of how many links you get from each domain.  And it also shows you domain reciprocal linking and the in:out ratio from your site to theirs.  Keep in mind that this feature does take a little while to run depending on the number of backlinks you may have.

The Keyword density tool is one of my favorites.  You enter your keyword and your domain name, and the tool will show you the percentage of how many times that keyword is listed on your domain; called keyword density. The cool thing is that it doesn’t just show you percentages on your domain, but some of your competitors too!  Plus, it gives you more detailed information on where the keywords are found like in H1, H2 or H3 tags, meta titles, descriptions and keywords.  So if your competitor has a keyword density of 6.5% and your keyword density is only 2.4% you know you need to step it up a little in order to compete for that keyword.

Another tool is the SEO competition analysis tool, which allows you to enter a keyword and it will show you how much competition is out there for that particular keyword. This is very helpful in determining which keywords you should focus on over others. However, I do wish that you could add in more than just one keyword at a time in this tool. Even with one keyword it took a few minutes for this report to run.

Related blog posts is a tool that allows you to enter your keyword, and it will show you how many blogs contain that particular keyword.  So if you want to start commenting on their blogs so they can get to know you, hopefully a relationship can be started and both blogs can link to one another.

There are many more tools that you can use to gain useful information not only about your site but your competitors as well.  Once I used the tools a few times and really learned what information I was getting it became very helpful in understanding what I needed to do to increase my SEO presence.  Good job ShoeMoney!  The ShoeMoney tools website has all the information you need to learn more about the SEO tools [1] and pricing information [3].

Oh, and if you’re curious about who ShoeMoney is [4], he is a pro-blogger very well known in the SEO community. You can check out his blog at www.shoemoney.com [5].

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