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SEO Spring Into Summer Scavenger Hunt!

June 6th, 2011 | | Contests

School’s out for summer! Time to grab your friends, pack a cooler, and head down to the beach… wait, what’s that? You no longer have a summer break and you’re spending your time working on SEO?! Well, just because you are sitting at a desk all day doesn’t mean you can’t have some summer fun. That’s why SEO Boy is having a Spring into Summer scavenger hunt.

How It Works

Every Monday during the month of June we will post a list of items you need to find on our blog. The items will be contained in one of our blog posts from Spring. Each person who finds all the items on the list will be entered into a drawing for a Foodzie tasting box stuffed with delicious summer treats.

How To Enter

When you find all the items on the list, submit your answers via email to seoboy@hanapinmarketing.com. All answers are due by EOD June 30th and the winner will be announced Friday, July 1st!

If you have any questions about the scavenger hunt please post below. Be sure to keep an eye out for the first list which will be posted this afternoon.


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