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SEO Onslaught: Protecting your Internet Marketing Strategy

Posted By Eric On October 19, 2010 @ 11:54 am In SEO Management | No Comments

I have been a part of several long term projects. There is one common problem they all share and what I call Project Fatigue. Project fatigue happens when a plan is set and followed, but one or more parties falls out of the loop for a bit of the daily activities and suddenly appears again with something new.

Different industries experience this, for programmers it’s call “feature creep [1].” Something new comes in and it starts to get bloated and the original goal that was supposedly easy to achieve becomes sacrificed for the whole of the entire new project to be completed – whatever version it is this quarter.

The same thing happens with your SEO and internet marketing.

Here are 3 things to help keep you on task.

1. Keep an eye on competition’s rankings

Remember, SEO is about ranking top for the terms that people would use to find your site. That’s it. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it’s really hard. Just because you haven’t implemented SEO technique #175, doesn’t mean you need to if traffic is coming your way.

2. Be Task-Oriented. Not Vision-Oriented.

The vision is rank high everywhere someone would go to find something you provide. Now that the vision is established, focus on tasks to complete something.

3. Stave off Rogue SEO Engineers by demanding proof.

Increases of SEO offers to enhance your website might be piling up your inbox or junk mail folder. They are in mine! Now and then, one slips through. Remember that you have a project to complete. Your team is smart. You know your business more than someone who sent some spam. Don’t get disillusioned by some marketing speak on what your website is not doing. If someone wants to earn your business they should provide a breakdown on your competitive landscape, their analysis of missed opportunities (quantified if possible), and bench-marked analytics on previous clients.

Stay strong. Stay the course. Implement your SEO plan and be known as a great Project Manager [2].

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