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SEO News Roundup for September 3, 2010

September 3rd, 2010 | | SEO News Roundup

Google is getting smarter, along with all the other search engines.  Think Skynet from the Terminator movies.  Well, not really, Google really hasn’t mastered the whole human genocide thing yet, but Google and other search engines have begun to understand the whole link-exchange phenomenon that so many sites have been preaching.  Link building still works for high-traffic sites, but simple link exchanging really doesn’t do that much to help anymore.  However, what has been noticed is that if several sites chain link, their page ranks increase.  For example, site A links to site B, B to C, C to D, and then D back to A.  That seems to be the new strategy these days.

Michael Gray of Graywolf’s SEO Blog is writing a series on how to silo your website. This week the part of the website taking center stage is the sidebar.  Michael provides us tips on how to stop some common, yet undesirable sidebar behaviors: filling it with too many links, widgets, and third party content. He gives examples on what should and should not be included to create a more dynamic sidebar and easily navigable website.

Frank Reed at Andy Beal’s Blog shared a great stats article on Twitter’s mobile growth. The most telling statistic is that mobile users have grown 62% since April. It’s also interesting that over 15% of their users start their account with a mobile device. Lets face it, Twitter lends itself to a mobile platform, probably better than any other social site. With an increase in mobile users we should also see an increase in the speed at which information and links are shared. It’s time to download that Twitter app so you can keep up.

Ann Smarty (what a great name for a blogger) at Search Engine Journal threw out a great SEO tool review. ASAP Utilities addin for Excel is pretty awesome for making us more efficient. It’s hard to put an exact number on it, but I’d say I spend at least 20% of my day in Excel and most of it is spent sorting, organizing, or analyzing data. Anything that can make those tasks easier is worth a shot and ASAP had a few items that immediately struck me as usable (particularly the duplicate phrase tool)

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