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SEO News Roundup for September 24, 2010

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In the SEO world, we spend so much time analyzing traffic and page rank we sometimes forget that actual people drive the Internet. That’s why is it important to create content that stands out to your target market and make it easy for them to share. Jordan Kasteler at Search Engine Journal offers his advice on how to effectively combine social media with content to utilize the web as both a marketing and reputation tool.  Having SEO-driven social media content [1] will gain you dedicated followers who will be the driving force behind increasing the credibility of your site.

With the advent of Google Instant, Google’s PR team effectively has said, “Nice try Bing.  Now go sit down.” [2] Bing, as many of us have seen, recently launched a $100 million ad campaign in order to try and usurp Google as king of the search engines.  And as the ads died down, Google countered with a technical solution, according to Matt Van Wagner of SearchEngineLand.com.  Google Instant isn’t as much of a death knell to SEO as it is a way to shut down Microsoft and Bing’s ferocious ad campaign.  And according to Van Wagner, it worked.

A well-organized website is essential to becoming highly ranked by Google.   Yet as Stoney deGeyter reminds us on Search Engine Guide, making search-engine-friendly websites [3] is not quite as simple as seems.  In his post, deGeyter points out that while top-down architecture hierarchy may make plenty of sense to developers, both searchers and Google bots may sense that there are just too many choices, no clear path through the mess, and no relevancy between pages.  However, deGeyter has found a solution: by using an overlapping vertical navigation and a focus on link-flow hierarchy, the “link juice” will be able to spread effectively across your website.

You’ve identified your target keywords, optimized your site for bots, linked to as many quality sites as you can find, and now it’s just time to sit back and watch your site creep to the top of the search engines, right? Not quite.  There’s so much more you can do in terms of creating an overall great web presence [4] according to Bharati Ahuja (WebPro Technologies) on Search Engine Journal.  Take advantage of all the Internet has to offer alongside your traditional SEO efforts to increase your traffic.

Whether we’ve been SEOs for 10 weeks or 10 years, it’s always good to brush up on the basics of metadata. In his SearchEngineWatch blog post [5], Jonathan Allen shows Kentucky mom and YouTube channel partner, Betty, the basics of meta data. To make it interesting, he does so with foodie [6] appeal. She recommends using your full character limit but not using overtly conceited [7] phrases in your video titles, to name a few tips. You’ll definitely have a recipe for successful metadata after adding Betty’s key ingredients.

Are you in retail? Are you wondering why social media might be important to you? If so, Rank Reed at Marketing Pilgrim has the answers. He outlines a report from eMarketer on how retailers are using social media [8]. I found the most interesting aspect of the report the realization that actual sales are not high on the list of KPI’s for using social media. What retailer isn’t worried about the bottom line when allocating budget for marketing? Apparently the ones allocating budget for social media (I realize that statement isn’t true but the numbers are interesting).

Robert is an Account Executive at Hanapin Marketing [9], a search engine marketing firm focused on generating results through PPC and SEO.

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