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SEO News Roundup for October 29, 2010

October 29th, 2010 | | SEO News Roundup

Together Google, Yahoo, and Bing hold about 93% share of the search marketing world. You might think that ranking on these search engines is all you need for a successful SEO campaign but you could be missing out on opportunities. Bas van den Beld of Search Engine Watch has written a post on the alternative search engines

marketers should pay attention to. Verticle search engines that don’t index the entire web, like YouTube, are not included in market share reports, yet last month we watched more videos on YouTube than we conducted searches on Google. Read his post to find out how to take advantage of these alternative search engines.

For the longest time, SEO has been a blind date of sorts—Web page aesthetics have not been a factor in terms of page rank or clicks.  But now, Google is toying with including a preview function.  Ask.com already has this feature, which allows the user to see a small preview of the page when the mouse is over the URL of the search result.  An ugly, unprofessional looking page will get less clicks if this preview feature takes off. So you can either ignore this new advancement and continue to be the ugly duckling of web pages or you can adapt and get a good looking page and hopefully more clicks.

Google’s at it again! This week, we were introduced to its most recent innovation,

Place Search.  The appearance of the SERP has dramatically changed for localized searches. Place Search will affect SEO methods for local search results according to Greg Sterling from Search Engine Land.   The 7-pack is gone and third party references are clustered within the listings.  Sterling says that Place Pages and reviews from the clustered links will be more important than ever for local SEO.

SEO isn’t easy.  You’ve got bots, searchers, and clients to appease, and in your spare time you’re knocking on doors and spreading the linking love.  With all that going on, it makes sense that sometimes simple mistakes go unnoticed.   Fortunately, Stephan Spencer has listed 25 Super Common SEO Mistakes on Search Engine Land that are well worth reviewing.  From making sure all the right tool settings are ticked to not cannibalizing your own client, heeding these tips will help keep your SEO accounts doing what you want them to do, and only that.

If you need to prepare a small business web site for SEO, Rob Chant with Search Engine Watch offers excellent advice to get you started. As he notes, too often small business sites fall into an ugly “four page” trap…well you’ve got more to offer and more you can optimize for! He reminds us that page content is definitely an important SEO key. Having more pages gives you the chance for a better page rank, more long tail traffic, links and the increasingly important social indicators.

Robert is an Account Executive at Hanapin Marketing, a search engine marketing firm focused on generating results through PPC and SEO.

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