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SEO News Roundup for November 28, 2008

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  • John Andrews at Johnon.com urged SEOs to do their homework [1] this week.  What’s the homework?  ”Pay attention to the SERP.”  In other words, real-time search results provide plenty of information on what SEO strategies are and aren’t working.
  • Making “decisions that’ll rock your SEO campaign [2]” are a part of your job description, right?  In part I of a Search Engine Guide article, several great points are discussed on how to make the best decisions possible.  Don’t make decisions on temporary circumstances, don’t get emotional, surround yourself with sharp people, carefully weigh your options and choose your battles.  All good advice.
  • This insightful blog post asks whether your keyword research methodolgy [3] is up to scratch.  If not, the guys at SiteVisibility.co.uk offer some tips to bring you up to speed such as reviewing what’s already on the website, using client provided keywords, and understanding keyword trends (among others).
  • Marketing Pilgrim announced this week that Google has created an SEO guide specifically for bloggers [4].  The basics are all there – create great content, make sure the content is crawlable and submit a sitemap.  I agree that it’s strange Google has written a guide for blogging but not any other medium.
  • Chris Crum over at Web Pro News has some advice for you – Optimizing your site when it’s huge [5]. If you have the pleasure of dealing with a massive website, this offers some helps to keep you sane. 
  • SEO By the Sea outlines a patent application from Google [6] that could help search for duplicate copies of their content on the web, even if it isn’t readily available online. This could definitely help see who and where your hard-earned content is being pillaged across the Web.
  • Stoney deGeyter at Search Engine Guide has written a two part series on ’10 questions that guarantee SEO success [7]’.  Although they are not typical SEO questions like have you tried this? Or Have you tried that? But they are questions that will force you to open your mind a little and ugh…think outside the box?!?!?  It’s an interesting series to say the least!

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