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SEO News Roundup for November 26, 2010

Posted By Abby On November 26, 2010 @ 9:30 am In SEO News Roundup | No Comments

We previously posted about the launch of Google Instant Previews and its impact on SEO [1]. Two weeks later, the blogosphere is still swirling with speculation on exactly how instant previews will affect users’ decision-making process on which sites to click. Pamela Wilson of Copyblogger has written a post on whether your site will survive the Google shrink ray [2]. She offers tips on how to clean up your website design so that its snapshot appeals to searchers.  You now have even less time to make a first impression on users, and following Wilson’s tips will allow you to survive and even benefit from Google Instant Previews.

Dr. Pete of the SEOMoz blog sheds some light on what “advanced SEO” means [3] in his latest blog post.  First, he notes that there is a common misinterpretation that “advanced” somehow means there are secrets that we don’t tell people as advertisers, which isn’t really true. There is no secret sauce—just varying degrees of hard work. He also says that advanced gets portrayed as new and more technical.  Also not really true, since “new” is a subjective term and technical issues vary greatly for advertisers, especially if you serve a wide clientele. Finally, Dr. Pete addresses the issue that sometimes “advanced” is interpreted as enterprising—that is large-scale thousands of pages to optimize SEO. Once again, not the case depending on which SEO advertising agency you work for. So, ultimately, don’t let the simple term “advanced” throw off how you think about other SEO advertisers.

Local business has always been affected by word-of-mouth reviews, and with the Internet this chatter has become louder.  Today, local businesses can’t loiter online: instead, they must actively understand how to harness consumer conversation and other specific online marketing needs and trends for local businesses [4], as reported by Brooks McMahon on Search Engine Land.  From creating consumer marketers to carefully making an online presence at review sites, local businesses have client and placement needs that are specific and may be different than your other SEM accounts.  But as much as search engines provide a challenge to local businesses, there are multiple opportunities to be had.  Luckily, by following McMahon’s advice and keeping an eye on developments, you’ll be sure to pass the test [5].

As I was reading Scott Cowley’s post on Search Engine Journal, an age-old adage went running through my mind: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”  The golden rule seems to be an unspoken, overarching theme of Cowley’s post about crafting links for click-through and conversion. [6] As a website user, don’t you want to see engaging copy that persuades you to click on a link? The answer is yes. So write that engaging copy for your own site! As a blogger, don’t you want other reputable and entertaining bloggers to link to you? Of course! So link to other great blogs from your site! Cowley’s post will encourage and motivate you to clean up and re-structure your site links.

Abby is an Account Executive at Hanapin Marketing [7], a search engine marketing firm focused on generating results through PPC and SEO.

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