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SEO News Roundup for November 21, 2008

November 21st, 2008 | | SEO News Roundup
  • I don’t necessarily condone the practice of buying links, but Rand’s list of 8 ways to buy links “without buying links” is pretty darn clever.  Whether it’s the point on sponsoring events, incubating blogs or flat out buying other websites, there are some plausible (and savvy) technics here for growing your link profile.
  • If you’ve ever put together (or perhaps read through) an SEO proposal, you know how tedious and technical they can be.  This week at SEOBook, they break down the most important elements of a good SEO proposal.  Truthfully, they saved the best for last: Align Metrics with Business Goals.
  • Are you guilty?  Does your SEO campaign hide a faulty business model?  Hope not!  Jeff Quipp at Search Engine People wrote a great article this week on why good SEO can’t compensate for faulty business models.  This is a must read.
  • How important is user experience to SEO?  This week’s “Just Behave” article at Search Engine Land explains 2 small user experience things that make a big SEO difference: URLs (short URLs work better than long) and site design (split second judgments are killer!).
  • The guys at Semvironment have a good post that questions the statement made about why paid search earns so many more marketing dollars that SEO when organic results can get more traffic. Point one, never assume things and point two, the truth is  you shouldn’t focus on only SEO or PPC, you should be focusing on both.
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