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SEO News Roundup for May 29, 2009

May 29th, 2009 | | SEO News Roundup
  • Could Twitter be ruined by paid Tweets? It’s very possible says Shoemoney in a recent interview with Aaron Wall. In the interview the two promoted their SEO training programs and talked about how to best market products and services in the SEO industry.
  • SEOptimize has a good post on link building and how some people just don’t get the true concept of SEO, link building and how the two come together. Tad basically explains that ‘less is more’ when it comes to link building and you should go for fewer quality links over too many irrelevant links.
  • When you are looking at your analytics it is easy to see what your “top” search terms are. In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand discusses the all important Path to Conversion and some of the common misconceptions with regard to the funnel.
  • “The practice and science of classification” is the definition of taxonomy according to PeterD from SEOBook.com. With this in mind, take a look his post The Search Taxonomy: Getting Inside the Mind of the Searcher for a very thorough analysis of the searchers process and how keywords are classified with regard to search terms and/or phrases.
  • Ellie Mirman at HubSpot discusses four things outside the “traditional” SEO realm you need to be doing to compete fully in the world of SERPs offered by Google’s universal search. Though not every search will return SERPs with multimedia content, and there isn’t much data yet on how user behavior changes based on the display of universal search results, it’s important to keep the expanded opportunities and challenges it offers in mind.
  • Rand Fishkin continues the process of updating the SEOMoz SEO Beginner’s Guide with this expansion and revision of the section about measuring and tracking success. There’s lots of useful info here, more than just bare minimum basics, plus there are a ton of links to useful tools and “how to” explanations. Thanks, Rand!
  • There is a good deal of chatter about local search in regards to SEO. As well there should! Local search makes us a huge portion of overall search so you can’t ignore this avenue when optimizing your website. Miriam over at Search Engine guide has two bits of local search news worth checking out.
  • It’s common for link building efforts to become stale, there are only so many sources to turn to for new and niche sites. You have to get creative when it comes to finding new sites for link building requests. This great post from SEOmoz opens our eyes to an unthought-of link building resource, Twitter!
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