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SEO News Roundup for May 28, 2010

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Its no secret businesses can turn a decent profit from optimizing their local listings.  The secret is how to do it right.  Remember, Google wasn’t born yesterday; it will double-check your answers, pull other sources, and subsequently rank you from the results.  If you aren’t ranking where you want to, or even if you are, you should check out these tips on how to make your local listings work for you [1].

Sure, Google Analytics can be somewhat overwhelming, but this guide will give you a pretty solid foundation to the key components of Google Analytics… in just 20 minutes [2].  Google Analytics aids in measuring the success or failure of any online strategy and it stands as a necessary supplement in your SEO campaigns. The capabilities of the Analytics tool are vast, but this guide does an exceptional job helping you overcome the learning curve by walking you through layouts, navigations, graphs, and reports.

Notices any changes in your Google accounts or searches? Chances are you have been affected by (or at the least, seen) some of Google’s latest tests, updates, or overhauls [3]. This week we saw Google confirm the impacts that the May Day modifications [4] could have on your long tailed traffic, but Search Engine Land has also highlighted some other small variations you may find in your daily Google operations.

It is important when building your SEO keyword list to focus on a wide range of keywords [5]. Focus beyond just the highly competitive, obvious keywords as you may never make it to the top and will not meet expectations. Look for the low hanging fruit that everyone else isn’t going after and find your niche.

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