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SEO News Roundup for May 21, 2010

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SEO efforts are constantly changing, even for those that know the industry well.  SEO is a perfect example of the old adage, “You learn something new everyday.”  A few Excel experts in the office constantly find and share time saving shortcuts; just the same, there’s always more to learn about common SEO tools, such as Google Analytics.   Think you know it all?  Check out 5 Simple Google Analytics Tips You Should be Using [1].

Ready, set, video!  Word on the street is that Google will soon be sporting a redesigned SERP with a new menu of search-refinement options.  One of these new functions supports video results [2], which could change the game for SEO.  Users will be able to filter results in a variety of ways, thus, the better marketers are able to serve a wide-variety of needs (with multiple videos, if needed) the more impressions they will get.

Search is ever-increasingly focusing on the details [3] and an opportunity is emerging for retailers. Once upon a time, it was important to rank high for one-word search terms, but today, searchers are wiser and search queries are more directed. Likewise, search engines are becoming more sophisticated not only offering suggestions of the term being searched for, but beginning to search for images of product barcodes (i.e. Google Goggles [4]). Of course, broad keywords are essential, but let’s not underestimate the potential that detailed keywords and content can have in your marketing campaign.

An SEO Site Audit is a topic rarely investigated on industry blogs. This week SEOMoz began the discussion and offered 4 ways to increase your SEO Site Audit [5]. An SEO Site Audit is a perfect occasion to communicate effectively with your client.  Most important, make the document client friend: be concise, provide lists, and repeat yourself… a lot.

Search engines don’t care about the size of your company so small businesses often have to work a little harder to stretch resources and compete with the big dogs. To help you out, Online Marketing Blog has put together 7 Essential SEO Tips for Small Businesses [6]. Taking a few small steps may make a big difference in your rankings.

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