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SEO News Roundup for May 14, 2010

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Too often there are clients that don’t fully grasp SEO best practices, though they may think they do. It’s our job to aid the client in understanding and creating goals.  That’s why I liked this article about helping new clients understand their keywords [1]; it facilitates in the teaching process.  Thus, clients feel comfortable and knowledgeable about the campaign surrounding their brand.

First things first.  Stick to the basics.  These clichés serve their purpose, even in SEO. In his blog, Tom Critchlow reminds us to start from the ground up when looking to improve optimization.  For instance, reworking of content could play a key role in improving conversion rates. [2]

Improving search engine rank is anything but black and white, as you can see in this post debating the process [3].  While I’m never one for conflict, there are some things to take away from this post.  If nothing else, it has some good subjects to ponder.

Google may be a “robot beast,” but taming it begins by designating your own tactical SEO framework [4]. Revisiting the fundamentals of search engine logic is the best place to start. Focus in on crawl, index, and rank and you are well on your way to more favorable rewards from Google.  We’ll be keeping an eye on this three-part blog series

May Day! May Day! If you recently saw a drop in traffic to your site, SEOMoz has some answers for you. Find out about the latest predicted Google algorithm tweaks [5]. But first, don’t panic. Take this time to make sure your accounts are in order. Google’s search engine is constantly being updated, but practicing sound SEO will prevent you from dips in your traffic.

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