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SEO News Roundup for May 1, 2009

May 1st, 2009 | | SEO News Roundup
  • Have you heard? You need to create fantastic content in order to earn links & achieve ultimate SEO success! Of course you’ve heard. We’ve all heard. Rand at SEOBook gives some insight (in fabulous list format) into what you need to consider in order to generate that quality, “reference worthy” content you’re supposed to be creating.
  • Domains will stick with you for a long time, so it is important to pick one that is good for both your brand and SEO. This post from SEO Book digs into important considerations for picking a domain name that is both brand- and search-friendly. Check it out!
  • Another great content post is from Christian Vuong from PPC Management & SEO. Christian talks about content analysis for SEO and what it takes to optimize your on-site content. He gives useful questions you can ask yourself about your own site or your client’s site and it’s content. A must read!
  • Although Rand commonly discusses the importance of using nofollow techniques, today he discusses the pitfalls of this concept. Link juice is an important concept to grasp. If you don’t properly use nofollow there is a danger of losing out on valuable link juice. What level of risk are you at? Find out today with Rand and his Whiteboard Friday!
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