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SEO News Roundup for June 18, 2010

June 18th, 2010 | | SEO News Roundup

There are few things that most of us can’t live without. Two of them are Google and caffeine and now you can get both in the same place, sort of. Last week Google announced the full release of the new version of its search engine codename caffeine. There’s been a lot of talk about how this new version of Google Search will affect SEO. While there’s not much data on how caffeine will change the search algorithm, its clear that keywords just got a lot more important.

I have noticed recently that link building as it relates to clients has gained more attention within our team. The importance of link building with clients and their website is a key to gaining the right traffic to the clients website.  Building effective links takes time and most importantly authority. Search Engine Watch has done a great job of putting together a checklist, for the times when you find yourself working on link building.

Running an online business?   Unless you have a lot of money to spend on a full-on print, web, and broadcast campaign, online marketing is probably your best bet.   Been there, done that? Well, remember your parameters; it’s easy to get in over your head when marketing on the web because there’s so much potential.  Follow these five tips for better online success, and spend your marketing money more effectively.

HTML5 is coming! Yes we all know but how seriously should you take it? We’ve found an excellent article which high lights the benefits of transition your website. The biggest benefit you’ll see comes with the new video rollout. Videos will be more searchable, which will help overcome one of the SEO hurdles flash has faced. Of course the iPad may help with it’s growing implementation.

Implementing a canonical tag for variations of your homepage URL is one of the first things you should do for your site. Search Engine Land has a helpful post this week with best practices for canonicalization, a helpful read for even an experienced search marketer.

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