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SEO News Roundup for June 11, 2010

Posted By Dan On June 11, 2010 @ 2:21 pm In SEO News Roundup | 1 Comment

Low conversion rates got you down? Rob Ousbey offers some interesting ideas about adding alternative conversion actions [1] for visitors, so you don’t lose all of the value of a potential customer who isn’t ready to take the Big Step of completing your ultimate conversion goal. Essentially, he’s saying be creative and find ways to continue engaging people who think they like you but aren’t quite ready to buy the ring.

Are you following SEO best practices? It never hurts to reanalyze your practice to ensure that you are optimizing to your full potential.  Utilize Stephan Spencer‘s checklist, complete with optimizers’ 29 Worst Practices & Most Common Failures [2], to note your strengths and weaknesses.

This week Microsoft expanded on its original Twitter search and launched Bing Social [3]. The new social search platform incorporates both Twitter and Facebook, and allows users to search Facebook fan page updates and statuses, Twitter and Facebook trending topics, and even the popular shared links from non-fan Facebook pages. It will be interesting to see how social search evolves over the next year, and to see how it might continue integrating with traditional search practices.

If you’re having trouble with your page rank or just want to beef up your SEO Google quality expert Matt Cutts offers some nice nuts and bolts of how Google crawler interacts [4] with your site. Matt goes over several interesting coding tips and best way to perform site maintenance without losing page rank. He also points out some useful ways to make your site interact better with the Google crawler. In addition to his status tips, Cutts helps explain how linking to other sites improves your page rank, which is different than popularity.

This post from Thomas Schmitz gives us the 3-step process for SEO, and explains why SEO is not user experience optimization [5].

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