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SEO News Roundup for February 4, 2011

February 4th, 2011 | | SEO News Roundup

The video advertising company YuMe just released a whitepaper about trends in online video viewing, and the results weren’t surprising.  As Christopher Rick of ReelSeo reports, online video usage is on the rise, with 48% of the study group saying that they anticipated watching more video online over the next 12 months.  Other notable findings include a breakdown of demographics, devices and video length, along with the relationship to traditional TV watching.  The take-away message?  If you target anyone between the ages of 18-54, you might want to start including video in your SEO strategies!

Link building is always an important aspect of SEO, but something that is often forgotten is the importance of internal linking. In order to assure that Google is indeed putting your preferred landing page into the SERPs, it is important to have many internal links pointing to that page. A good way to find out about this is to use Google Web Master Tools. Specifically, look at the left sidebar on the dashboard, and click “Your site on the web.” Then, click “Internal Links.” You will be able to see the internal links, and you should have a “target URL” or the page you want to show on your SERPs. Be sure to check out this blog post on Shimon Sandler to see the importance of internal linking!

How mobile-friendly is your website? In a recent article by Michael Gray of Graywolf’s SEO Blog, he indicates the importance of adapting your websites to better cater to the mobile consumer in the upcoming year. As this technology continues to grow, Gray recommends techniques like building your own mobile app. Apple and Amazon have created excellent examples of these for you to take a look at. However, this is not the only way to adapt to mobile commerce. If your company has not gone mobile by the end of 2011, you might just end up missing out on a huge portion of the market.

Ever wonder what the future holds for search engines?   Sentiment analysis may be a feature that will become increasingly important in the coming years.  Sentiment analysis is a newer ranking metric that focuses on whether comments on a subject are positive or negative. Mike Moran of Search Engine Guide took a look at some of the shortcomings of the sentiment analysis measurement. As he points out, the measurement currently is not able to pick up on things like sarcasm or when expressions are used that do not directly reflect an opinion.  Only time will tell if Google and other search engines find a way to address these issues.

We all know the impact videos can have on web users’ engagement with your content. If you create video content it is important to you that web users can easily find your stuff.  Stephanie Woods of Search Engine People wrote an excellent guide on how to optimize on-site videos for search engines. In order to get your videos to show up on Google SERPs, Woods recommends that you create a video sitemap, place keywords in the video’s title, strengthen your URL structure, embed links in the video to your site, and make sure that relevant text surrounds the video.

Abby is an Account Executive at Hanapin Marketing, a search engine marketing firm focused on generating results through PPC and SEO.

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