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SEO News Roundup for February 18, 2011 Plus – Twitter Promo!

February 18th, 2011 | | SEO News Roundup

To kick things off this week, I’d like to mention a promo we are running through our Twitter account @seoboy. If you’d like to have your blog post included in our roundup next Friday, February 25, shoot us a link via direct message on Twitter, explain you’d like to be considered and you will be! While we can’t guarantee we’ll run every submission (we’re looking for something relevant, compelling, accurate), if it’s good stuff, it’ll make the cut (space providing). We’d love to hear from you! …Now on with the roundups!

Uh oh, JC Penny!  This week, the retailer made headlines in the New York Times for some blackhat SEO techniques landing them at the top of the SERPs for nearly every available item they sold.  According to the paper’s investigation, JC Penney had thousands of unrelated sites linking to them.  Google’s head of webspam, Matt Cutts, tweeted that Google took manual action on JC Penny’s tactics.  Vanessa Fox of Search Engine Land sums up the issue, including detailed explanations on paid links and schemes.  Obviously, these sorts of blackhat methods aren’t worth it, as JC Penney’s organic results and reputation are hurting (and their SEO firm has been fired).

Having issues with your homepage having multiple URLs? It is a bigger issue than you think, according to Shimon Sandler of his SEO Consultant blog. The problem, he writes, is that Google views this as duplicate content. Also, incoming links are split up among the multiple URLs. Shimon suggests using a 301 redirect for the duplicate pages that don’t have as much link juice so that your page rank doesn’t suffer due to duplicate content and the splitting up of incoming links. Check out Sandler’s post for more insight into this issue.

Mark Collier with Search Engine People has written a pretty controversial post this week about SEO and Twitter. He ran a 30-day experiment marketing on Twitter and calculated how may visits he got per hour spent marketing. He compared his Twitter result to that of guest blogging and forum marketing and came to some pretty blunt conclusions. Check out his post to find out why you (might be) wasting time with Twitter right now.

Link building is one of the most contentious activities within SEO.   It is tempting to want to just sign up for cheap free sites and get it all over with, but as Michelle Adams of Search Engine Journal writes, taking the time to gain more from your link building is always worth it.  Her article gives four tips to making your efforts count so that you don’t waste time developing a strategy that can’t stand on its own.

Time is something we can’t seem to find enough of these days, especially in the SEO industry. Raven’s SEO tools are one item that helps us battle this problem and create more time for other things. New to these tools? Not a problem! Graywolf started a tutorial series this week to help you get the most out of Raven tools. In the first part of his series, he takes you on a step-by-step journey on how to set up your account and getting started with keyword analysis. According to Raven’s website, you can give it a test run free of charge!

More and more people are beginning to recognize the importance of link building, but they also realize how overwhelming of a task it can be. Consequently, taking creative approaches to link building can be helpful.  Ryan Schmitz, shared his unique approach to link building on his post at Daily Blog Tips.  He was able to generate links by crowdsourcing opinions on the best personal finance books from bloggers in his industry, compiling them, and then publishing them with links to his site on those bloggers websites.

Abby is an Account Executive at Hanapin Marketing, a search engine marketing firm focused on generating results through PPC and SEO.

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