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SEO News Roundup for February 11, 2011

Posted By Abby On February 11, 2011 @ 12:48 pm In SEO News Roundup | 1 Comment

Love it or hate it, link building is a central part of SEO.  However, as Adam Audette of SearchEngineWatch writes, easy link building may be a mistake [1].  In his article, Audette describes how his attempts at gaining easy links caused him to sacrifice customer needs, which, although it produced results in the search engines, compromised the goals he had for his business.  With its links to related link-building how-tos, this is an article that is sure to make you stop and think further about the provoking topic of link building.

Tablet devices are becoming overwhelmingly popular in today’s market. Apple introduced the iPad and Motorola welcomed the Xoom (Android), both of which are capable of high quality audio/visual media. According to Greg Habermann, it isn’t uncommon to see people pull out their tablet devices for note taking or reviewing websites during a meeting. Wouldn’t it be nice if your SEO data was this easy to access from a portable device? You’re in luck because now it is! Habermann takes a look at the top 5 free iPad SEO apps [2], which can be very helpful for collecting SEO information on the fly. Although his article focuses primarily on Apple apps, you can almost guarantee that Android will develop similar tools.

Mobile [3] SEO is becoming increasingly important. If you’re new to SEO for mobile, you’ll definitely want to read Jtkaczuk’s Beginner’s Guide to Mobile SEO [4] on the SEOmoz blog this week. He discusses search engine transcoding, which causes your pages to look visually unappealing on phones. But he doesn’t stop there! He also writes about transcoding exceptions and he offers ways to prevent this unwanted process. He also discusses advantages of mobile SEO and speculates about if it’s worth investing in. Get the SEO Mobile beginner’s download from his post.

Keeping up-to-date with industry trends is important, especially in the fast paced world of SEO.  If you work for an agency, you know that making sure everyone is trained can be difficult, especially considering the range of experience and expertise.  This week, Rob Millard gives us some SEO training tips [5] on the SEOmoz Blog.  Developing your training program by trying new things and getting feedback is important for large and small SEO agencies, as not every method will work the best for every team member.

Adcenter’s blog has a recap of the Top 10 Social Media Tips to Build International Brands [6]from Social Media Week, London. Now, all of the takeaways are rather valuable, but a couple stand out in particular. One is that people access information on the Internet differently across the world, so what works in one place may not work in another. A second great point is that if you are using social media in a B2B sense, don’t be discouraged by numbers because you aren’t looking for volume in this sense of social media. Be sure to check out the article for all the takeaways.

We all know that SEO is very friendly to do-it-yourself-ers.  Whether you just love doing things on your own or you have to do things on your own, your budget [7] is typically a significant consideration.  If you are wondering where to get started with doing SEO on yourself, Jon Wade of Search Engine People, put together a great guide this week with some tips and tools for doing SEO on a budget [8].  As he points out, using blogging platforms like WordPress and taking advantage of some of the basic features of search engines, you can really go a long way in doing SEO by yourself.

Abby is an Account Executive at Hanapin Marketing [9], a search engine marketing firm focused on generating results through PPC and SEO.

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