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SEO News Roundup for December 12, 2008

December 12th, 2008 | | SEO News Roundup
  • Katherine at search marketing for non profits has a nice analogy between SEO and PPC.  PPC she says is like renting the land while SEO is like owning the land. Perhaps this is true, but I feel both have positives and negatives and every marketing team should look into both and see which would fit best for their company, if not both!  
  • Looking for more insight into the great SEO debate of 2008 (i.e. outing of a search firm for “SEO company” with less than great tactics)?  Check out this lengthy post that describes how the company in question was able to get the #1 spot for “SEO company.”
  • Tis the season to begin speculating on the future of everything. What is just over the horizon? Will it be good or bad? And predictions for SEO are beginning to bubble up. Chris Copland over at Search Insider has written an interesting article on the future of SEO. He has broken down how search will evolve and mature in the future.
  • We thinking blogging as an SEO strategy can work very well. However, blogs can also go very wrong. Lee Odden at the Online Markeing Blog has laid out where, when and why a blog as an SEO tactic can be a burden rather than a boon.
  • Yeah for Sitelinks in Google.  If you have them, pat yourself on the back.  If you don’t, join the “how in the heck do I get them” club.  This post at the Palatnik Factor explains what Sitelinks are, and postulates on who receives them and why.
  • Traffic is great and all, but if you aren’t generating conversions it doesn’t really matter.  Search Engine Guide points out the most important areas for SEOs to focus on for increasing conversions in this post.
  • Google Webmaster Tools made a major update last week to the crawl rate settings.  For site owners who need to slow down crawl rate due to bandwidth issues, these changes have made it easier to update your crawl rate.  Google still recommends to stick with the “Let Google determine my crawl rate” option for the majority of site owners.    
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