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SEO News Roundup for August 13, 2010

August 13th, 2010 | | SEO News Roundup

We’ve all tried to visit a site when our anti-virus, or spy-ware stopper, or whatever-stopper shows up and warns us to run away. Generally the culprit is some form of malware and it’s something that we might not know is infecting our site.  Alex Cohen from Digital Alex shares an eye opening experience about avoiding malware. It can be difficult to build links or develop a workable SEO strategy if your site isn’t safe for your users.Take these steps to ensure your a friendly site to work with.

Michael Grey at Greywolf’s blog started his first installation of a series of blogs on how silos can help your SEO efforts. Using silos is a technique that should be used by anyone who is building their SEO strategy. If you need help organizing the overall themes of your site or if you find that your keyword lists are convoluted with terms that don’t make sense together, this article might just help you get organized.

Anchor text is something that is so important to our SEO efforts but I’m sure a lot of us take it for granted. Mathew Bredel answers a great user question that provides some insight into best practices we can all take away for our anchor text.

Link bait, when done properly, can be a tremendous source for boosting your SEO. The problem is, creating a successful link bait campaign is a lot more difficult that we think. Melissa from SEOmozBlog has created a simple guide to link bait. Her four-step process breaks down the key elements to help us create a campaign that will do what we want it to…bring in some links.

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