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SEO News Roundup for April 10, 2009

Posted By Joe On April 10, 2009 @ 3:59 pm In SEO News Roundup | 1 Comment

  • Check out Search Geek’s Guide to Ranking Factors [1]. While it doesn’t dive into details of each ranking factor, it provides a good overview of things you should consider for helping your site’s page rank.
  • Have you been on a quest to understand the ever-changing Google algorithms? Your search stops here. Well, for today at least. Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz has developed a telling visual of how some key factors in Google’s algorithm system have changed [2] through the years. Check it out!
  • Discovering the link profile of your website and your competitor’s site just got easier. But how? Good question! SEO Book posted recently about a new tool that can you a very helpful link profile for numerous sites [3], and you can compare those sites side-by-side. Very helpful indeed!
  • As always, Stoney deGeyter has some great insights on link building [4]. He discusses quality vs. quantity, links from authoritative sites, anchor text, and reciporical linking, among other topics.
  • Need to conduct an SEO site review in a flash? Mat Siltala over at Search Engine has written a how-to on conducting a 5 minute SEO site audit [5]. Hopefully you won’t have to do your audits that fast, but just in case of emergancy…
  • In this week’s Whiteboard Friday [6] , Rand Fishkin dives a little deeper into domain trust and authority. He touched on understanding how the sites that link to you have an effect on how search engines trust you and also how the types of content that you link to or vice versa can have an effect on how much trust you are given and ultimately how difficult it will be for you to rank well. In addition, he also talks about many other metrics that are used to calculate your trust and authority ranking. Definitely worth the 15 minutes!
  • Angie Haggstrom [7] and Loren Baker [8] have a few differences over the finer points of finding quality SEO copywriters…but essentially if you read both of their posts, these two together offer good insight on the ways copywriters and hiring organizations think about each other. Their comparison might help you identify the best ways to find excellent copywriting for your organization, or at least give you insight into how to improve relationships with and  the quality of work you get from copywriters!
  • Rebecca at SEOMoz tells the truth: if you want to be a successful link builder [9], you can’t be lazy. Or spammy. This is a funny AND informational breakdown of a failed link building campaign, and yet more evidence that SEO success is the result of effort. Once again devastating. This post will either amuse you or teach you, I hope for your sake it’s more the first.

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