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SEO News Round Up for November 20, 2009

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  • If you’re a small business wanting to market your website but has a small budget, that’s okay. You can get tons of information in blogs, but according to Stoney deGeyter that can also lead to a lot of worries about your SEO program [1]. Stoney calls out 5 things you should STOP worrying about when it comes to your home grown SEO strategy that will help save your budget along the way.
  • Corporate accounts are apparently being rolled out for Twitter by the end of this year according to Jordan McCollum from Marketing Pilgrim.  If you get a premium/corporate Twitter account [2] you will have access to additional analytics data and enhanced features not yet known.
  • Who doesn’t love a good quiz? SEOmoz has posted a Show What You Know – SEO Keyword Research Quiz. [3] The quiz starts off pretty tough but then they throw in a few fun questions at the end.
  • Online Marketing Blog has posted SEO for Flash: 5 tips and Best Practices [4]. The post discusses what Google can and can’t see when it comes to Flash files. It also recommends tips on how to balance your Flash and SEO efforts.
  • You need to give users “you are here” cues when they click-thru to your site so they can orient themselves and find what they are looking for. The Search Engine Land post Understanding Orienting Search Behaviors for SEO & Conversions [5] discusses what orienting is, what you can do on your site to help users and why it is beneficial.
  • Better manage your SEO campaigns and more accurately measure performance by digging into your data. Brian Klais walks through what metrics to use in order to build a compelling business case for SEO in Jedi Metrics: How To Prepare For SEO Growth [6].
  • There are a lot of tools out there to help you get more value out of your SEO efforts. Chris Boggs at Search Engine Watch has collected a list of his favorite Free and Paid SEO tools [7] for you to explore. Check out a few, you may find new ideas to help improve your site.
  • Check out “Your Site is Badly Indexed? What can this mean?” [8] from Ann Smarty at Search Engine Journal. She explores several reasons why Google may not be indexing your pages and steps you can take to correct it.

Jessica is an Account Supervisor at Hanapin Marketing [9], a search engine marketing firm focused on generating results through PPC and SEO.

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