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SEO News Round Up for May 15, 2009

May 15th, 2009 | | SEO News Roundup
  • It’s been a couple of months since canonical tag functionality was announced- have you gotten comfortable with using them to prevent duplicate-content-monsters from ravaging your SEO efforts?  ASK Enquiro offers a list of useful “need to knows” about using canonical tags effectively.
  • I kind of feel this disconnect from and ambivalence about social media. I try to notice those who use it intelligently & innovatively. But I can’t help but notice people who use it to tell me what their baby just threw up or to shove irritating advertising at me, like TV before DVR. It can go wrong in so many ways, and then I want to never interact with another human again. But when it’s right…! Thanks to Sonia at Copyblogger for this eloquent depiction of how fantastic content and smart use of social media can meet up and create a happy place for all of us.
  • This week, Rand discusses Link Farming and the pitfalls of using them. Let’s face it. It’s just a bad idea.
  • Aaron Wall discusses the pros and cons of Hard Sell techniques. Personally I don’t usually give in to these promotions, but I really, really want to sometimes! Check out this post and learn a little bit about these tactics and why they are used.
  • Understanding your target audiences search behavior is not always black and white. The how and why people search varies across age, population, gender, and other factors. Check out this post from Search Engine Land that takes into account the human element of SEO.
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