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SEO News Round Up for March 6, 2009

March 6th, 2009 | | SEO News Roundup
  • It’s content like this that keeps us (and thousands of others) coming back to SEOmoz.  Rand’s list of 12 mistakes SEO newcomers make is not only accurate, but educational.  Each point offers a solution to the mistake – this is a must read!
  • Are you blogging for a local business?  If so, check out this list of regional blog directories at HyperlocalBlogger.  This list is intended to grow – so if you know of a directory for your area, leave Matt a comment.  Currently, the list is relegated to metropolitan areas and general directories, but as the post said “it’s still a starting place.”
  • And speaking of blogging, the SmallBoxWeb blog posted a bold statement this week: Don’t waste money on a business blog.  Upon closer inspection, this carries a heavy disclaimer!  Blogging can reap huge benefits for SEO, branding and social networking, but if you don’t have the time and resources to dedicate to it, you shouldn’t waste your money.  Gotta love the reverse psychology!
  • WPromote has a great post (story) on how CEO’s of companies typically don’t know squat about SEO and how they should get on board quick if they want to make it in this economy.  They talk about how CEO’s should NOT depend on their IT team to implement all the SEO strategies to get their site to rank in the search engines. It’s not just about meta tags and keywords anymore, it really takes someone maintaining your site constantly.
  • One of my favorite SEO writers from Search Engine Guide, Stoney deGeyter talks about questions you need to answer PRE-SEO.  These questions I’m sure are going through small and large business owners constantly – and Stoney has a few great pointers about how to help yourself answer those questions and determine your plan of SEO action!
  • Ann Smarty has a post on this ‘search cloudlet’ FireFox add-on that apparently inserts a related tag ‘cloud’ into Google and  Yahoo SERPs so you can use the tag links to quickly filter and refine your searches.  The bigger the term, Google says the more frequently it pops up in the results.  Ann says the tag cloud really gives you a quick understanding of SERPs for any search term.
  • Chris Smith over at SEM Clubhouse has published a short but helpful article in regards to local SEO. In most local online directories, a business listing can be associated with a number of categories and you should make sure that your business appears for each applicable category.  And also, make sure sure that your listing hasn’t been incorrectly catagorized. Now, go claim your local listings!
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  • http://www.wpromote.com Christian – Wpromote

    Thanks for mentioning us Joe!
    I totally agree with Rand’s post on mistakes SEOs make. #1: Repetitive Keyword Targeting is very true. There are still a lot of SEOs that don’t put in the proper time to do keyword research and either over target, or under target good keywords for their clients. Each page should really target different keywords and variations, of course all coming back to a common theme for the site in general.

  • http://www.seoboy.com/ Joe

    @ Christian: Our pleasure! Great article! Yes, repetitive keyword targeting is a common mistake. I agree that each page on the site needs to have a target list of keywords, and these keyword should lend to the overall goal, and keyword list, for the site. Thanks!