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SEO News Round Up for March 20, 2009

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  • Have a new website but sure where to start your link building strategy [1]? Do not worry! Dana Larson has written a post at Online Marketing Blog to help you out! She provides five good ideas to help you get started! Is your website “old”? Well, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read this helpful article!
  • David Berkowitz interviews Rebecca Lieb on at Media Post [2]. Rebecca is the author of the recently published “The Truth about Search Engine Optimization.” This is only the first-part of a two-part interview, but it’s a good starting point.
  • Have you untapped the power of Flickr [3] for great site links and content? No? Well, you should check out Lisa Barone’s article at Search Engine Land and get the scoop! She provides a few case studies. Very interesting, in deed!
  • Is Twittering causing debates among the SEO world? I think so, and in this post Chad from SEOptimise talks about some recent Twitter posts that have caught his attention.  The one that caught my attention was the possibility that some think Twittering to help your SEO [4] could be “crossing the line” as far as white hat SEO tactics are concerned.
  • Do you have “dangling links?”  Dangling links [5] may be a new SEO term, and are described as links that point to a page without any outgoing links.  But the bigger question of this SEOmoz post is do pages in a robots.txt file cause PageRank issues? Matt Inertia is bold by saying he thinks Rand may be wrong by making this statement…
  • If you’re interested in how to generate more links to your site then read this post. Samerf gives you several different case studies involving the powers of linkbait and how to make your website viral [6].
  • For those who distribute content through other mediums [7] as a part of your SEO campaign, this post is for you.  Rand at SEOmoz discusses how putting your well written content up on other sites (guest posting on other blogs, YouTube, LinkedIn… take your pick) essentially destroys any direct SEO/ranking benefit you could’ve earned for your own site.  This is an interesting point of view, and one every SEO should consider.
  • Looking for an interesting perspective on the state of SEO and the web in general?  Check out this matter-of-fact manifesto at Johnon.com.  Based on the recent conversations about how social media is changing how links are distributed [8] and crawled, this post proposes that the web is changing.  “Things are going to get ugly.”
  • Understanding Google’s ranking penalties [9] is enough to give anyone a headache! Tom Critchlow at SEOmoz posted a great run-down of what types of penalties exist and how you can get rid of said penalties.  It’s important to understand the three types of penalties:  Page Level, Keyphrase Specific and Algorithmic.

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