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SEO News Round Up for March 12, 2010

March 12th, 2010 | | SEO News Roundup

As an SEO the most frustrating scenario is ongoing and significant decreases in organic traffic to a website. After all, it’s our job to increase organic rankings and traffic for a website. Sometimes declining SEO traffic can be attributed to the website industry, and not your SEO efforts. This post from the SEOmoz blog provides very helpful tips to identify if a declining industry is the culprit for falling SEO stats.

SEO deadly sins? Apparently so. Here is some perspective on how a self described information architect views SEO tactics. This is some good advice on looking at the bigger picture.

Here is a very helpful guide from Search Engine Land on how to manage your SEO efforts when a site is going through a change in Information Architecture.  The most important takeaway is to be involved in the IA changeover process so you can provide input on all the factors that impact SEO from file and folder naming conventions to ensuring that your redirects are working.

Is there such a thing as over optimizing your site? Search Engine Watch’s Eric Enge outlines some common mistakes that even the most well-intentioned SEO manager can make if he/she goes overboard with optimizations.

A good reminder from Copyblogger for those of us who spend our days optimizing websites and staring at computer screens: you don’t know what people want unless you Be a People.

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