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SEO News Round Up for June 12, 2009

June 12th, 2009 | | SEO News Roundup
  • Pay-for-Performance is more of a PPC term than SEO. However, the guys over at Search Engine Land are questioning whether SEO agencies should switch from a “dollars for hours” payment model to pay for performance?  Would SEO people aspire to work harder for their clients? They question how SEO could become an accountable marketing channel without limitations on fixed rate contracts.
  • With 35 Sphinns and 33 responses, this article must be good! Matt Leonard at Search Engine Journal has written a good post on 4 simple tips to help your Twitter profile rank. But is it really that simple?  See for yourself!
  • Your Twitter profile is something that can get ranked in Google, so it is important to optimize it correctly. Check out this post from Search Engine Journal about simple steps you can take to optimize your Twitter profile for SEO.
  • Has your site been banned by Google? Well, now Google is giving webmaster a second chance to fix your site and submit for reconsideration request.
  • Do you think you just start up a Twitter, Facebook or other social media account and traffic will magically appear at your website’s door? No, that’s not the case. Driving traffic to your site via social media can be a great strategy but utilizing social media requires quite a bit of work. There are no free lunches.
  • Get it or die! Yep, that was a threat. Or at least, a declaration. The number of people who prefer to make make B2B purchases online is growing, and your business to be following this trend. Or else.
  • Today’s Whiteboard Friday, compliments of David Mihm and Rand Fishkin, is a continuation of last week’s look at local search inclusion. David and Rand show you how to tweak the various info sources for different aspects of your business.
  • How much PageRank can you buy? Aaron Wall discusses the recent $14 Million purchase of CircuitCity.com by Systemax, the link equity behind the purchase, and why Google loves it.
  • What? This is fantastic. A list of useful search marketing tools from some smart people.  Even featuring descriptions of what each does. You’ll know about some of them, but probably not all. Thanks for sharing the wealth, Search Engine People & everyone at the SES Toronto conference.
  • Are you a criminal? Does Google think so? Apparently the SMX Advanced conference created more than one kind of conflict (see: explosion of discussion about Google, nofollow, and PageRank). Search Engine Roundtable has followed the discussion well, so go figure out if one of the most powerful forces in modern history thinks you’re a suspicious character.

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