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SEO News Round Up for July 17, 2009

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  • The ASK.com blog has an interesting post on what makes a search engine semantic [1]. It’s pretty interesting when reading their examples of how a four year old would act as a search engine. But more importantly, a search engine can’t be called semantic until they can be less keyword based and more understanding of the human search.
  • I have to give Sam Niccolls an ‘A’ for effort on his post about how TechCrunch blogs about porn frequently [2] and actually generates a ton of traffic from these high search volume keywords. It makes you wonder, what keywords you could be including in your blog to enhance your SEO rankings – aside from Porn that is.
  • On the SEOmoz blog, Lucy Langdon has a thorough and reasonable post on the benefits of using niche blogs for traffic and link-building. [3] To define, these are blogs that focus on a specific subject and are updated regularly. She offers great advice on how to find these lesser-known blogs and the value they can offer.
  • On the heels of the “United breaks guitars” [4] debacle, Matt McGee’s post on how social media and PR can sometimes matter more than SEO [5] is especially relevant. Something interesting to keep in mind.
  • Want to know how Twitter decides their “Suggested Users List” – (aka Who to Follow)? Danny Sullivan over at Search Engine Land has a nice post on Who Does Twitter Love? [6] Getting on the list is a far stretch but it would sure do wonders for your social media efforts.
  • Here is a smart post from Search Engine Journal on How & Why to Optimize Image Size [7]. Noting how slow download times are no good for crawl rate, the post offers tips on how to decrease your image size in Photoshop and with other tools.
  • An interesting podcast from PersonalLifeMedia featuring Bruce Clay [8] answering all kinds of questions about SEO, submitted by a group of other internet marketers. It’s always interesting to hear what works for others!
  • It’s good to keep up with search volume trends [9] in order to know where you should focus your optimization efforts. As usual, Google still has the lion share of search, but Bing and Yahoo continue to duke it out.

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