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SEO News Round Up for January 8, 2010

January 8th, 2010 | | SEO News Roundup

January is always a time to reflect on the past year, and in this case, the past decade. Here’s a post that takes a look back over the ways SEO has transformed (and sometimes stayed the same) since 2000 – it’s great to see how far we’ve come!

We all know that content is king, but as we get into the swing of the new year, it’s important to use your content to provide searchers with value – not just ads. This post from Jason Falls, Social Media Explorer will help get you thinking about how you can do this for your business.

Link building should be one of the fundamentals of your SEO effort but it sometimes can be overwhelming to stay on top of. ClickZ has put together a list of elements you need to add into your link-building toolkit for better success.

Tips on copywriting and Sherlock Holmes references, what a great article! I think there are some great tips in here for making better copy. Yes of course it’s elementary.

New year resolutions that can actually be accomplished? Yes please! Here’s a good list of resolutions you can definitely accomplish, from SEO Moz.

Confused about when to use canonical tags? Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz clears up the confusion and explains when and why you should be using canonical tags on your site.

Online Marketing Blog posted 5 Online Marketing Resolutions for 2010. The top SEO resolution is to focus more on maximizing visits and conversion from organic searches. The post also offers tips on each resolution listed.

Jessica is an Account Supervisor at Hanapin Marketing, a search engine marketing firm focused on generating results through PPC and SEO.

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