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SEO News Round Up for January 30, 2009

January 30th, 2009 | | SEO News Roundup
  • Stoney deGeyter has an interesting post on Google Webmaster’s guidelines on SEO selection.  Mr. deGeyter gives his personal opinion on Google’s advice and tips on selecting an SEO provider.  A few of these tips from Google are, you should never have to link to your SEO agency and no agency can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.
  • Search Marketing Guru’s has a post on why one shouldn’t trust live HTTP headers and Firefox when checking redirects.  Although they say  you can still use the live HTTP headers and Firefox tools, be sure to test your redirects using other tools in addition to the two mentioned to a more accurate look at whether your redirects are working correctly.
  • There’s a tremendous learning curve when you first enter the SEO industry.  This article at SEO Book spells out 4 areas that new SEOs should be aware of: history and context of seo, technical knowledge, strategy and measurement.
  • Finding success in link building is all about thinking “outside the box.”  Try this one on for size: tout the fact that your business is eco-conscious and promote this fact through eco-friendly outlets on the web.  Nice.  As explained by Ann Smarty, this tactic will not only generate more links, but can boost your online reputation and increase exposure!
  • Need a better understanding of the ongoing SEO process?  Head on over to SEO Book to see the process chart that Aaron Wall cooked up.  As someone said in the comments, “Indeed a picture says more than a thousand words.”
  • Article Directories have been a long standing tactic for linking building. But are these links still worth the time and effort? In regards to link juice, Michael Gray says that this strategy may have gone the way of the dinosaur. However, it shouldn’t be completely ignored.
  • Over the past few weeks Website Magazine has been putting together a series of articles on link building. As their list grows, this will be a good source of link building inspiration and information.
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