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SEO News Round Up for February 6, 2009

February 6th, 2009 | | SEO News Roundup
  • Optimizing your site for both users and a search engines is not easy. Read this article top learn Search Engine Watch’s take on how to develop your sites architecture and content to better serve both audiences.
  • We love to get the scoop on patent applications. These applications be quite telling about the direction that a company is planning to head. And in search, a patent application can indicate a change in the algorithm that may be coming down the pike. Learn about a new Yahoo patent that may effect your optimization strategy.
  • SEO Book has created a useful list of web utilities that they use everyday. Very helpful!
  • Link bartering is not simply the act of trading links with others. Instead, it is the bartering of services that may naturally lead to links. Learn the proper link bartering etiquette here!
  • ProspectMX.com just released their latest in internet marketing charts: Internet Marketing 2009: Universal Search Optimization Chart. Created by some to SEO’s biggest names, this print-friendly tool will give you (or your clients) expert tips and strategies for universal search optimization.
  • Have you ever found that your content was being stolen by a big-bad internet bully?  SEO Book has some helpful tips on fighting back like identifying your content to your brand, create a “publicity storm” around your content or simply man up and contact the other publisher and request that they take the content down!
  • Get ready for some advanced SEO.  Rand at SEOmoz posted 8 SEO topics that have him stumped.  The questions range from issues with URL shortening services, engines following more than 100 links per page and even if Google is employing link buying moles.  All interesting stuff.  As usual the comment string is just as interesting a read as the original post.
  • Matt Cutts offers up an update on Google Knol in this post.  Mainly, he just wants everyone to know that Knol is doing fine with 100,000 articles submitted and that it still doesn’t receive any preferencial treatment from Google in terms of ranking.
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