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SEO News Round Up for February 26, 2010

February 26th, 2010 | | SEO News Roundup

Whether your business is large or small, branding has become a larger factor in performing well in an SEO campaign. Google now has a larger preference for brands in search results, so it is important for you incorporate branding into your SEO strategy.  The folks at SEOmoz did a great job outlining how branding impacts an SEO campaign. Check it out!

Finding the right keywords to target is the hardest part and to be successful your keywords have to reach beyond core terms. Here is a great post from Search Engine Guide on how to segment your keywords and target longer, more specific phrases in an SEO campaign.

You should be thinking about your site’s page load speed for SEO purposes and more importantly for improved user experience.  Search Engine Watch’s Simon Heseltine discusses tools for optimizing page speed so you can continually enhance your site.

Getting started with SEO can be a big project… so where to begin. David Harry developed a strategy known as Task ROI and wrote about it in the Search Engine Journal. Basically think before you SEO! What are the benefits which will be gained for your efforts and does a particular strategy really make sense for you? Every website is a special snow flake requiring, special efforts. Don’t just SEO on autopilot.

On the topic of links, Gabgoldenberg has a few points to make over at Graywolf’s SEO blog. In an effort to sculpt links, most SEO’s have taken a less is more approach. While it’s important to strategically place links, there’s one question that still needs to be asked. If you’re going to write about something, why not provide links to resources so your audience can be as well informed as you are? So in other words, link when it makes sense for your readers, not just when a bot might be keeping score.

Even the most experienced SEOs can make a mistake, and this post from the SEOmoz blog shows a recap from a webinar that covers common issues and some quick fixes to improve your SEO campaigns.

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