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SEO News Round Up for February 13, 2009

Posted By Joe On February 13, 2009 @ 1:49 pm In SEO News Roundup | No Comments

  • SEO has certainly changed over time. [1] Shimon Sandler walks us through how search engine optimization has shifted to include many other marketing activities such as social media and reputation management.
  • Motion Charts are one of the more interesting additions to the Google Analytics package in recent memory.  This post describes how you can use Motion Charts to analyze spikes in traffi [2]c.  Its important to note that Google reminds us to recognize offline events to explain trends and to review other reports to confirm trends in the Motion Chart.
  • The big news this week?  Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft united to recognize the new “canonical tag.” [3] Now you can place this new tag in any page’s header and dictate to the search engines which version of the URL is canonical version [4].  For a great visual representation of how this will work, check out SEOmoz’s great post [5] that includes the ever popular GoogleBot artwork.
  • It’s never too late to do some good SEO on your website says SEOptimise!  In this post they debunk 5 reasons they hear most often from clients why they can’t do SEO.  The truth is, they’re all excuses!  There’s never a bad time to start SEO’ing your site [6].
  • iMedia Connection  has published an article that will help you fix the 6 most common SEO mistakes [7]. But you may say, “I haven’t made any SEO mistakes!” Read the article just to make sure!
  • Got a hot piece of link bait? Ready to share it with the world? SEO Book has written a helpful article on having a successful link bait launch [8].

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