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SEO News Round Up for December 26, 2008

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  • Can a broken or incorrect site map hurt your search engine rankings? Mike Moran at Search Engine Journal [1] explores this topic and provides some very helpful insights on how site maps can help and hinder your SEO campaign. As Mike says: remember, it’s all about indexing.
  • Michale Gray poses an interesting question: do social media links translate into organic rankings? That’s a good question! Read Michael’s articles [2] to find out what he has to say on the topic and how this can effect your SEO campaign.
  • Without proper planning, oversight and passion for the topic, blogs implemented purely for SEO objectives are doomed to fail. Don’t let this happen to you! Get 5 tips for successful blog optimization [3]!
  • Is your SEO campaign feeling the holiday crunch?  Google’s Webmaster Central Blog feels your pain.  This post offers up a reasonable checklist for making sure your website can be found in the search results for the holiday rush [4].  Funny thing is – Christmas is in 2 days.  Better late than never!
  • SEO Speedwagon has the stats to prove that optimizing for a different language can really pay off.  Their optimization of Spanish language pages [5] garnered tremendous results.  In the comments you’ll find that they kept to the root TLD and simply added language specific sub-folders (i.e. /esp/).
  • Are there really 9 reasons you need social media marketing [6]?  Yes.  And the Stuntdubl blog spells them out for you – so jump on the bandwagon, ya’ll!
  • If you doubt the long tail theory [7], you should read this SEOmoz post.  According to Rand, too much of the research disputing the long tail theory doesn’t really apply to search queries.  I love the Google VP’s quote, “20-25% of the queries we see today, we have never seen before.”
  • Don’t be greedy says Chris G of chrisg.com when it comes to link building. He says reciprocation needs to work both ways [8].  Don’t just ask people to do things for you and give them nothing in return. Show you have recognized what they have done and reward them!

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