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SEO News Round Up for April 24, 2009

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  • We have been discuss content creation recently so it is only fitting that we like a recent article by Jennifer Slegg about creating new hot content for trending topics [1]. Great! So, how do you find these new hot trending topics? Jennifer provides a series of methods for monitoring your market and getting the scoop on writing great content.
  • Do pages on your site have two types of link juice? Can a page have excess link juice? Justin at SEO Zombie has written an interesting article about linking out from your site [2] and how this effects your rankings (perhaps not at all). Justin provides a series of tactics and strategies to best utilize your  outbound links.
  • Stoney’s Q&A talks about the importance of site architecture when it comes to SEO.  A person asks him if a sitemap is necessary with a flat/linear file structure. Stoney replies that if you only have a 5 to 10 page site where each page is of equal importance, then a sitemap is not needed.  Read more about when to use sitemaps [3].
  • SEO Zombie has an interesting post on the top 7 ways to make more money online with SEO [4].  Some of his tips include focusing on long-tail keywords over short in the beginning, link building and targeting multiple keywords per page.
  • A bunch of interesting content creation ideas [5] from Sonia Simone at Copyblogger! It’s just nice to come across straightforward, helpful lists sometimes- and here is one. I think you might find something that could work for you or one of your clients on this list, so look through it!
  • This is funny whether or not you agree with Darren Slatten’s assertion that obsessive reputation management [6] doesn’t really matter if you’re exceptional at what you do. See? Internet marketing is simple: just be better than everyone else and you won’t have anything to worry about.
  • PeterD or Peter Da Vanzo from SEO Book discusses using images in your SEO strategy [7]. As our attention spans continually shrink, what can you do to your site to make sure you don’t miss out on a potential lead, click, or even an impression? Careful placement of supporting graphics and even headings will aid in your efforts. Check out Peter’s tips on SEO-ing Images.
  • Rand Fishkin, of SEOmoz.org, talks about “Over-Optimization [8]”, meaning he discusses how you can hurt yourself by over-using or even abusing SEO tactics on your websites. He talks about how not to go overboard with your linking strategy.
  • Don’t forget about strategy when submitting your feeds into Google Product Search. From title to description to reviews, a lot goes into building a rank-worthy product feed. This helpful post from SEOmoz gives tips on how to rank well in Google Product Search [9] and sources to get reviews.

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