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SEO News Round Up for April 24, 2009

April 24th, 2009 | | SEO News Roundup
  • We have been discuss content creation recently so it is only fitting that we like a recent article by Jennifer Slegg about creating new hot content for trending topics. Great! So, how do you find these new hot trending topics? Jennifer provides a series of methods for monitoring your market and getting the scoop on writing great content.
  • Do pages on your site have two types of link juice? Can a page have excess link juice? Justin at SEO Zombie has written an interesting article about linking out from your site and how this effects your rankings (perhaps not at all). Justin provides a series of tactics and strategies to best utilize your  outbound links.
  • Stoney’s Q&A talks about the importance of site architecture when it comes to SEO.  A person asks him if a sitemap is necessary with a flat/linear file structure. Stoney replies that if you only have a 5 to 10 page site where each page is of equal importance, then a sitemap is not needed.  Read more about when to use sitemaps.
  • SEO Zombie has an interesting post on the top 7 ways to make more money online with SEO.  Some of his tips include focusing on long-tail keywords over short in the beginning, link building and targeting multiple keywords per page.
  • A bunch of interesting content creation ideas from Sonia Simone at Copyblogger! It’s just nice to come across straightforward, helpful lists sometimes- and here is one. I think you might find something that could work for you or one of your clients on this list, so look through it!
  • This is funny whether or not you agree with Darren Slatten’s assertion that obsessive reputation management doesn’t really matter if you’re exceptional at what you do. See? Internet marketing is simple: just be better than everyone else and you won’t have anything to worry about.
  • PeterD or Peter Da Vanzo from SEO Book discusses using images in your SEO strategy. As our attention spans continually shrink, what can you do to your site to make sure you don’t miss out on a potential lead, click, or even an impression? Careful placement of supporting graphics and even headings will aid in your efforts. Check out Peter’s tips on SEO-ing Images.
  • Rand Fishkin, of SEOmoz.org, talks about “Over-Optimization”, meaning he discusses how you can hurt yourself by over-using or even abusing SEO tactics on your websites. He talks about how not to go overboard with your linking strategy.
  • Don’t forget about strategy when submitting your feeds into Google Product Search. From title to description to reviews, a lot goes into building a rank-worthy product feed. This helpful post from SEOmoz gives tips on how to rank well in Google Product Search and sources to get reviews.
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