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SEO News Round Up for February 27, 2009

February 27th, 2009 | | SEO News Roundup
  • Will the battle to find balance between engaging vs. crawl-friendly websites ever end?  To be honest, probably not in the near future. But a least there have been some positive inroads for experience-driven digital assets. For big-brand marketers and small business promoters alike, Search Engine Land provides tips to optimize digital assets to engage your audience and search engines.
  • Another much-debated issue in the web world: Adding outbound links to other websites from your own. This article from SEOmoz addresses some of the larger arguments against linking and also lists the top 5 benefits of including outbound links on a website.
  • SEOBook has posted a comprehensive analysis into Google’s latest algorithm update. It appears that Google’s new algorithm is putting more favor on branded sites (many unoptimized), which have seen an increase in natural SERP rankings. Many theories are circling about how Google is giving emphasis to brands, ranging from CTR to traffic to PPC spend. What’s your take?
  • Creating content that is new, fresh, intriguing, appropriate for your audience, as well as search engine friendly can be a daunting task. Lee Oden has interviewed a series of SEO professionals get a wide range of perspectives on the topic of content marketing strategy.
  • Stoney DeGeyter yet again has a fabulous post on how dynamic websites can pose problems with your efforts of gaining online visibility.  Although he mentions that Google says not to fix these problems of dynamic pages, apparently this is not the case, and you should be fixing them.  Some of his tips are how to duplicate content, session ids, broken links, etc.
  • Still don’t understand how blogging can grow your business and increase your search engine rankings? Take a look at Chris Garretts post on, “how blogging can grow your business’.  He mentions that a blog can help you grow links for traffic and improve your search engine rankings, build trust, establish your brand, grow a sense of community and INITIATE MORE SALES!  You really no longer have an excuse not to have a blog!
  • Dude – your links suck. At least that’s what SEOmoz says!  Rand explains the various levels of link quality from clear spam to high quality links.  This Whiteboard Friday video is a must watch.
  • The SmallBox blog talks about Quality vs. Quantity when discussing content on the web in this post from last week.  The best part of this post is the comment string.  There are some great points made for both having quality content and large quantities of content.
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